For the past 5 years Vinyl Cafe Phuket has been host to some of the worlds finest underground dance music DJ’s.

The list of guests reads like a whose who.

Evil Eddie Richards (Fabric, Wiggle, dy-na-mix)

Richard Sen (Bronx Dogs, Padded Cell & Mixed Blood Cuts)

Thomas Gandey (Caged Baby)

Goldie (Metalheadz)

Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)

Bert Bevans (Studio 54, MoS)

Phuket House Mafia (Q & Taz)

Funky MP (Sleazy Disco)

Fishmonger (Dj’s Sarit & D[r]eadmongey)

Dj’s Kensho, Criminal & Side Show Kuts crew.

Unity Selecta (Dubwise Phuket)




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